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About Electrical Engineering Enterprises


EEE is an industry leader in safely delivering site electrical work and testing services to industrial and commercial facilities, phosphate and aggregate mining, electric utilities and municipalities in Florida.  EEE is a full service, vertically integrated contractor offering turn-key, complete project capabilities.

Company History

Founded in 1999 by Wayne Ellis, the Company has grown into a critical infrastructure partner by specializing in high voltage distribution equipment maintenance and installation, transformer repair and maintenance, electric testing, switchgear and circuit breaker refurbishment, oil processing, site abatement and overhead and underground power line installations.

Safety Culture

EEE’s number one priority is the safety of our staff and all people at the job site.  Every job starts with a Job Hazard Analysis form.  The job lead completes this form daily and briefs all workers on the hazards and work conditions specific to the duties of that day.  JHA includes: job tasks, potential hazards, controls to mitigate hazards including PPE and permits required.  In addition, our safety procedures include a daily inspection of all equipment to be used on job that day.

Resources and Qualifications

EEE is fully resourced with the certifications, equipment, expertise, factory training and licensing for primary contract responsibilities.  EEE deploys licensed journeymen linemen, electricians and certified test engineers to perform mission critical functions utilizing Company owned test sets, trucks, tools, project trailers among other equipment.  EEE’s goal is to minimize project disruptions and be 100% accountable to our customers.


State of Florida Electrical Contractor License EC-0000526

Environmental Protection Agency License: FLR000215376




ISN Class A Rating

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