Circuit Breaker Services

Circuit Breaker Services

Circuit Breaker Repair & New Circuit Breaker Sales

EEE providesCircuit Breaker Repair and Maintenance.  Work can be performed on-site or in our facility.  We also offer Refurbishment and Conversions utilizing the latest in technology both on site or in our facility.

Circuit Breaker Maintenance and Testing

Circuit Breakers are inspected for material integrity. Insulating members are cleaned. Contact resistance, Over Current Protection, Shunt Trip, and Megger Tests are performed per specifications.

  • Power Circuit Breakers
  • Molded Case Breakers
  • Insulated Case Breakers
  • Medium Voltage Breakers
  • High Voltage Breakers
  • Vacuum (Breakers)
  • Oil Circuit Breakers
  • SF6 Breakers
  • SF6 Gas Analysis

Circuit Breaker Reconditioning

Circuit Breakers are reconditioned. Components showing signs of wear are replaced with new.

  • Low Voltage
  • Medium Voltage
  • Oil Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker Retrofitting

Circuit Breakers are retrofitted with new over current devices ensuring essential trip specifications.

  • Low Voltage – Solid State
  • Low Voltage with Power Monitors
  • Medium Voltage Vacuum
  • Medium Voltage SF6