Transformer Testing, Remediation and Replacement

Transformer Testing, Remediation and Replacement

Testing Services:

  • Transformer Oil Analysis
    •     Moisture Analysis
    •     DGA (Dissolved Gas Analysis)
    •     Interfacial Tension Analysis
    •     Acid Number
    •     Viscosity
    •     PCB (EPA 8082)
  • Power Factor Analysis – Doble Testing
  • Thermography
  • TTR (Turn-to-Turn Ratio)
  • Insulation Resistance testing (Megger)
  • Ductoring – Contact Resistance
  • Bushing testing and repair
  • Transformer Service and Problem Resolution Includes:
  • Oil Servicing and processing
    • Dehydrating
    • De-Gassing
    • Neutralize Acids
    • Filter Particulates
  • Internal Inspection and Repairs
  • Re-Wind Oil or Dry Transformers
    • Aluminum or Copper Windings
    • Restack Core Steel
    • Replace Bushings

We also supply new and used Replacement Transformers.

Transformer Remediation

For leaking, failed or damaged distribution transformers, EEE can provide turn-key replacement.  Including removal and disposal of transformer and oil, soil remediation, transfer and disposal of contaminated soil, provide soil fill as needed, transformer/pad replacement and transformer re-energization.